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Thread: web client not the same across the board

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    Default web client not the same across the board

    We have a few users accessing the web client. One of the users seems to have a different view than the rest. Across the top of my web client are the following options: Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Documents [beta], and Options. I can see an icon for each and the words. One of my users has these icons going down the left side of the window with no words. This appears to be tied to her login as she sees the same layout when logging in from my system and I have my layout when logging in from her system. Any ideas how to move these icons and save the layout?

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    The user went into their Options, and changed their theme.
    Some are 3.x themes (Left buttons), and some are 4.x themes) top.

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    Steel, Vanilla, and Bare have the tabs on the left.

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