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Thread: ReSend - feature / Please vote for Bugzilla 15697

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    Default ReSend - feature / Please vote for Bugzilla 15697


    our users are affraid to loose the ReSend-feature of the TheBat, if we are
    going to migrate to Zimbra :-(

    Re-send is often used when a mail is not answered. Mostly - if a mail is not
    answered - that means, the first email was not written in a good manner!

    Therefore "ReSend" should not just resend the mail immediately again,
    but put the mail first in the draft folder, in order to be able to "improve"
    the mail, before sending it manually again.

    It seems, that our customer is not at all willing to miss that power-feature!


    Of course that can be done manually as well, but too many steps are required:
    Compose a new mail, open the old/sent mail, copy the following fields manually to the new mail:

    - address-field
    - the subject
    - body/content
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