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Thread: Inline attachments won't display in web UI

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    Default Inline attachments won't display in web UI

    I have a problem with attached images not displaying inline in the web UI.

    I've enabled 'view as html', and other html messages display correctly. Also, other messages which have externally-linked images display correctly, after hitting 'display images'. But messages with the images attached do not. They do display correctly in Thunderbird and Outlook, though, and they display when sent to gmail.

    I've attached a problematic email with attachments.
    thanks if you can help,
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    I believe there's a bug open on this.
    Can you check the bugzilla?

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    Default similar bugs

    There's nothing exactly like this. is the closest, a postscript attachment is not recognized in WebUI. But it's still different: my message displays in the UI with attachment links, whereas 4882's message doesn't even show the attachment links. While we have the same problem of the attachments not showing up inline, it seems the nature of the problem is different.

    Anyway, I'm starting to think this may be a problem in the creation of this message - I've been able to display attached inline images from other messages. I still really need to figure out why these messages don't display correctly, they are ones we send to all our customers. Do you have any suggestions for me to verify message correctness, as zimbra parses it?

    Anyway, this really may not be a big deal, I've only seen the problem in the Zimbra webUI. But it's worrisome.

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