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Thread: HELP! Outlook Connector not syncing

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    Angry HELP! Outlook Connector not syncing

    Ok. So I am trying to implement our first customer on Zimbra. This customer wants to have his laptop, desktop and Moto Q. He has been having nothing but issues and is now threatening to move back to his old provider (Exchange). Anyway, we got his desktop to sync (after removing the .zdb file) and then he now says that his calendar is not syncing from from his desktop. He says his laptop doesnt sync and, of course, we can't get his MotoQ to sync.

    I am at a loss. Does the connector work or is it this buggy?! Any ideas as to what I can do?


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    Well, the connector works (except for a few minor quirks) and so does the Zimbra Mobile synching.

    1. Check to see whether Zimbra mobile is activated for the CoS that the user is in
    2. Check the logs in /opt/zimbra/logs/ to see what problems are happenning.
    a. Check either sync.log or synctrace.log for Zimbra mobile
    b. Make the user turn on ZCO logging by using zcologctl that gets installed on a machine when ZCO is installed. This creates log files on the user machine.

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    Well, it's not unusual for admins who are deploying zcs to initially work out all of the kinks.

    Most things work right out of the box. Others take a little tweaking.

    Once we figure out what's happening, we can help you fix it.

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