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Thread: WOW+ bug report

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    Default WOW+ bug report

    Woah. I got M2 installed. It is simply amazing. I have just discovered the RSS feeds as folders. I am very impressed...

    Anyway, I have 2 bug reports for ya'll
    1) If the RSS feed has more that 25 items, then it will display the first 25, and then you have to page over; however, when you page over, it says, "No such folder exists." Increasing the total items displayed fixes this.
    2) If the poll time is set (in the COS) to under 2 minutes, the users cannot change their preferences. They get an error that says "Poll time must be at least 2 min."; however, the user cannot change their poll time.


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    Thanks for the reports!

    1) bug 4753

    2) bug 4754

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