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Thread: SOAP API get contacts matching given phone number

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    Default SOAP API get contacts matching given phone number

    Hello Folks,

    I want to query the zimbra contacts database.
    I want to get the contacts from all zimbra users which have the phone number matching the number i provide in the query say something similiar to query like this
    Select name,email,phoneno,mobileno from users where phoneno like '77686%' or mobileno like '768768%'
    I am new to zimbra, although i went through the posts and found that zimbra is not storing the user contacts in LDAP however has a SOAP api to access the same.
    Could some one help me how i can acheive what i want using the API.


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    You'll want SearchRequest with the type set to contact.

    See the query language in the above post that may help like the contact: operator.
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    i want to make an integration with asterisk phone server and query the zimbra addressbok for the FullName to the CallerID.

    i did some tests with the scripts found at Repository - [zimbra] Index of /trunk/ZimbraServer/src/perl/soap

    but i still have some questions:

    1) search for a contact detail isn't possible? workPhone,email?
    2) the * is ignored at a beginning of a query? "*99*" search for "99*"
    3) build a soap query with the phone number and parse the response for FullName is the best way to get name to number? any other/better way?

    has someone already implemented a script for asterisk agi to lookup the name in the zimbra adressbook? maybe he could share that with us


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    I appreciate resurrecting such a old thread is bad form; yet as this is not release dependent I am doing so. Like yourself I am trying to do exactly the same of querying the Zimbra contacts based on the CLI from Asterisk. If a match is found then the CNAM can be set accordingly. I am in a quandary now as whether to use Perl or PHP for the SOAP interface. Did you get any where with your project as it would be great to double team.

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