I was on the verge of migrating from Domino to a hosted Exchange/Sharepoint solution... then I found Zimbra! That threw a spanner in the works! I'm not a big fan of Exchange, and Domino even less so, but the Sharepoint integration with MS products is persuasive...

We're a small non-profit with 40 staff. Exchange hosting is relatively expensive, but still cheaper than Domino license and upkeep (taking IT staff time into account). As for Sharepoint, hosting is cheap ($15-30/mth). There are features we can use right away (Wiki for instance) and we would probably use document management and workflow later. There are many features we would not use, but that I could see would be useful in a larger organization.

Does anyone here have experience running Zimbra and Sharepoint together? Not being a full bottle (yet) on Sharepoint, what functionality we might have to give up by NOT going the Exchange/Sharepoint route? If it's only calendar sharing (say), and we can do that in Zimbra anyway, it may not be a big issue for us and we can go ahead with both Zimbra and Sharepoint.

Or are there (easy) ways we can get most of the Sharepoint functionality we desire out of Zimbra with Zimlets?