I've read a few posts on the forums and I see that "true" address book and calendar sharing isn't possible. By "true" address book and calendar sharing I mean that the Global Address List cannot be used as an integrated address book. From what I understand I can implement an external LDAP or set up an elaborate Address book sharing scheme.

In my scenario I've set up two users.
User A is a Mac user with the iSync connector installed and his Calendar and address book synced. User B is an Outlook user with the Outlook connector installed.
User A has around 2000 contacts in his Address book and has shared the address book with User B, creating an email which User B has added to his Address Book list in the Web UI. So far so good.

The trouble is that the shared address book cannot be searched directly from User B's Contacts pane; the user has to search the whole address book to find what he's looking for.

User A has numerous calendars. Is there a way to share them "cleanly" with User B without cluttering up his calendars?

Is there a workaround to allow me to create a shared calendar all users in a certain group can use without having to search, something as intuitive as auto-completion of mail addresses?

How is integration of the shared address book feature coming along?