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Thread: installing zimbra e-mail client on winXP

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    Default installing zimbra e-mail client on winXP

    Hi does anyone know when \ how to do this ? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by shahbaz
    Hi does anyone know when \ how to do this ? thanks

    Well, remember that Zimbra is an entire Groupware Collaboration Suite... an email server, calendar server, and such. Zimbra would ideally be installed on a mail server, then you could access it from any computer on the Internet using it's slick web interface (or POP/IMAP).

    There have been a few folks in the past who were curious about getting the Zimbra server to install on a Windows box. Some threads on the subject are here:

    It is physically possibly to get the Zimbra Server to work on Windows It's also really hard :-) The web client works with no installation at all, it's installing the Zimbra server that's going to be tricky.

    With the information in the above forums... if you end up getting it to work, be sure to report back and describe what you did and how it works for you.

    Have a good one,

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    Default windows install

    There are no current plans for a windows port, though it is possible to install from source onto windows - check ZimbraServer/doc/install.txt. This gets you everything except for the MTA.

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