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Thread: Trying to understand Zimbra's anti-spam system

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    Ohhh, there it is..... It's always at the bottom.

    I'm thinking that 7 days is a good number.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default general spam question

    When you send spam/ham messages to the spam/ham accounts, should they appear in that account's inbox. I have trained the account several times and no new messages are appearing in the inbox. I changed the domain for all of the accounts, because I had to migrate from a production server. The messages are sent to the inbox of the spam account if I add the old domain and then move the spam account to that domain. How to I tell the system to use the new domain for all of the accounts? Bryan

    I found how to change the account the zimbra uses for spam with the zmprove mcf command. but messages are still not sent to that account when I send an entire folder of spam to the spam account. I send several users' junk folders and nothing new appears in the spam inbox.
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