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Thread: Blackberry synching

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    Default Blackberry synching

    i know this is starting to border on forum abuse today but when the Users can come up with some of these questions I feel the need to share...

    I'd be surprised if the answer is yes but i have to ask

    is it possible for the emails a user deletes from his blackberry to synch up and delete them from his Zimbra account? maybe this is a question for the blackberry people... lol

    thanks guys.

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    Yep Blackberry question. Are you using BES or a partner server?
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    I've got a Blackberry Pearl that's serviced by Cingular. I've got the plain Blackberry service (not a corporate plan) that pulls the mail from my ZCS Network Edition server. Cingular uses IMAP when available, so if I read a new message on my Blackberry, it's marked as read if I go into the web interface or check using Outlook (using the Outlook Connector). If I delete a message on the Blackberry, I've got 2 options: delete from handheld, or delete from mailbox and handheld. If I choose the second option, it deletes the message in both places. Now if only I could figure out a way to get the blackberry to not download messages that I've already deleted from my inbox.....

    I'm not sure if this option is available on all Blackberrys or just the ones with newer software versions, etc. This was my first Blackberry, so it's the only one that I know.
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