Today i test some function of the zimbra M2, find some problems. I hope someone could tell me the answer.
Thank you very much.

1.Sometime when i delete a "Tag",show error :
name - TypeError
message - 'this.msgs' 为空或不是对象
number - -2146823281
description - 'this.msgs' 为空或不是对象

2.The default of Contact Full Name is first name + mobile + last name,
can i change it?

3.When i add or edit "Distribution Lists", can't set the "Display Name".

4.I have added a Distribution List, but in the "Select Addresses" dialog box, show two same record.

5.If the display is setted 800*600 pels, the top toolbar of the GUI can't show all the buttons.

6.In your demo i found a good function :
when i enter the address, system can show the interrelated addresses to let me choice.
But in my demo i can't find the function.