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Thread: ZWC "search folder and subfolders"?

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    Default ZWC "search folder and subfolders"?

    I have over a decade of sent-mail in my Zimbra account, mostly broken up by Pine into monthly chunks, such as sent-mail-sep-2001.

    I've made all of those historical mailboxes subfolders of Sent, which makes sense to me. I don't want to merge everything into Sent, because if I ever pointed Outlook or an IMAP client at such a huge folder, their heads might explode.

    I'd have expected a search for certain terms "in:Sent" to turn up messages to Talking Heads fans (nothing incriminating - I made sure to check before negotiating the price of our licenses), but it doesn't, because the search doesn't descend to the leaf nodes. Without tediously checking boxes in the Advanced Search/Folders GUI, is there a way in ZWC to search "this folder and below"? You can do it in Outlook+ZCO, but it's dog slow.

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    good catch-you could open a bug request for support of the usual checkbox modes (check, dot, plus, minus etc)

    As a workaround: try searching using 'is:sent' instead of 'in:sent'

    I was going to try:
    Basic search which should do all folders (or is:anywhere), then I was going to sort by sent...but realized that we're still waiting on the ability to sort by the 'message status' or the 'folder' column. (it's in a bug)
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