Hi all
I am getting a popup when I am using HTTPS access only

After login I get the popup warning:
"Security Information"
This page contains both secure and nonsecure items.
Do you want to display the nonsecure items?

Web-browser: Internet Explorer 6.x
Zimbra M2 Open Source on Fedora Core4
The certifiacte is accepted, and installed on client.

1. is it possible to fix the code so the "nonsecure" items are accessed using https?

2. if not, when access to http are blocked on the firewall, what can(if any) fail ?

The popup is a bit annoying :-)
It also appears sometimes when creating new messages, using "Allways compose in new window".

Loving Zimbra, great product.
Would like to see image-attachments(JPG,GIF, BMP) displayed automatically in Open-Source,
and accepting that other attachments (PDF,DOC,XLS....) are displayed automatically only in Network Edition.

Would like to be able to import/export contacts to/from VCF-files
Would like to add graphics in the signature (logos)

Best Regards
(a linux newbie)