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Thread: Private calendar events

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    Default Private calendar events

    Hello All,

    Is there any way to restrict shared calendar events so that when I share the calendar, the other user can see the event marked as "busy", but not see the details?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Not yet...

    It's a feature we 're all waiting for !!!
    Bug 6460 - Enable shared calendar entries to be marked private

    It's noramlly targetted for Version 5.0

    For now, you can create another calendar to put your private events, and you don't share this calendar.

    - People will see you're not available when they check your availibility

    But :

    - If you sync your calendar with a mobile device, only your main calendar will be sync'ed
    - People who can see you calendar won't see anything in calendar view for your privates events (this can only be seen in the plaanig pane when they create an event)

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    Default Private Calendar Events Show in HTML Display

    Is this a bug?

    User "A" creates an event and marks it private. He shares the calendar with User "B"

    User B accepts the share and views A's calendar; private events are marked as such, i.e. User B cannot see details of A's private events.


    If User A distributes the URL for his calendar (Share window - "To allow others to view this calendar, direct them to this URL:"), anyone viewing the HTML version sees details for all events, public and private.

    I could not find any mention of this in the forums or bugzilla.


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