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    Default Recommended Host?

    I am interested in setting up Zimbra for my company, but we don't want to host it ourselves. I noticed that Zimbra offers several reseller/hosts to provide the service, but I've never heard of any of them before. Can anyone recommend a host? It would be great to hear some success (or horror) stories before we drop a lot of cash and time on setting up a new service.


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    Well, the employees probably won't because we don't want to give a specific provider any "extra" advantage.

    I can tell you, I've heard of happy users from all of them.

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    Thanks jholder. I can totally understand the creators of Zimbra not wanting to give any one vendor preference. Personally, I think it would be great if Zimbra themselves provided a hosting plan - it would be easy to trust the developers of the software to provide the service too.

    I guess I was hoping to hear from a couple of happy customers from one service or another. I've gotten PMs from a couple of vendors (thanks, guys!), but it's very hard to make a decision based on a website from a vendor I've never heard of, especially for a mission critical application such as this one.

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    Agree it's hard.... but most providers will be happy to provide you with reference sites you can email and talk to about the service. OK, I guess no one is going to refer you to anyone unhappy but you can get a sense of what they think is good or not so good about the service.

    Or perhaps try things with a couple of accounts for a month?

    (I'd probably do both

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