I just got a little bit of feedback from a user testing out our Zimbra implementation.

1. He prefers to view his email by message and not conversation. Now by default the preview pane is displayed, he doesn’t really like the preview pane and finds it kind of annoying that he can’t turn it off an leave it off. Would it be possible to add an option in the setting for disabling the preview pane?

2. He said that when he used the web interface over the internet it was a little sluggish. Now I do understand that the great folks at Zimbra are always trying to make that aspect a little faster.

3. This may be a bug…. When he is deleting a large amount of email at once the web interface will spit back an error and say “Action could not be completed” and post some debug. I asked him that if it happens again to send me a screen shot of the error so that I may post it.

I hope some of this has been helpful. Thanks again for the great product!