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Thread: how to build a DL from a search

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    Default how to build a DL from a search


    how can a distribution list be made from a search?

    Thank's for your help!


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    From a search of what? Users? Are you searching in the adminui? If so, go to Dist lists, and create a list, there is a search function in there.

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    Thank you very much for the feedback! Our users would like to be able to create distribution-lists.
    Unfortunately we can't give the admin-rights..
    What are we going to do, this feature is quite high on their wish-list..?

    Thank's, John

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    "user created distribution lists" (check if there's an RFE open...)
    There's two different sides to this that you need to be aware of in your request:
    A) Personal-different than pulling all contacts from an address book and making a contact groups, this would be an actual address that could recieve replies
    B) Global-so others can subscribe to this user created list
    (both perhaps tagged with the user's address to know who the list owner is)

    Half way to step B is "user subscribed distribution lists":
    ie: to join another list they send a mail to
    subject or body: subscribe/unsubscribe etc
    They get a tab in options that shows the distribution lists their on, helps them to subscribe, and possibly shows system wide lists to subscribe to.
    This was the 'member of tab' for the admin console-you could make a new RFE for the user side tab
    Bug 7366 - need to add a "Member Of" tab to admin console

    to sum up there's not a whole lot of ACL's in place for that yet, it'll get there eventually, different levels of permissions are slowly being's just a lot to code...
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    Thank's a lot for your detailled feedback. I do appreciate it!

    Since we do not yet have a running ZCS installation, many terms
    and ZCS-approaches are unknow to me. Therefore I try to ask
    this way:

    Our users would like to be able to make a fulltext-search over all
    fields (of all address books). (As much I do know the Admin can
    prevent sharing contacts, and that is very good!).
    Now the users would like to use some (not always all!) of the hints
    as email recipients.

    The following additional feature is extremely important:

    Additional manually selected users/addresses should be addable to
    that group. The only (user-accepted)approach I can imagine,
    is doing this with Drag&Drop between 2 Windows (e.g. the GAL
    or an other address book) and the new yet to be built list of

    Thank you very much! John

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