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Thread: Is Zimbra web client complete really on IE 6.0 or later?

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    Wll I double checked my install and this is the version I installed:


    I installed from the binary d/l off of sourceforge and followed the install direction i.e. no firewall, no selinux, yum update ... etc. ./

    I didn't contruct the request myself, that justthe uri I say from looking at the fiddler output.

    I don't think I have a custom install... but I solved the issue (kinda...) by turning off http 1.1 support in IE. It seems to fall back to uncompressed files then. When I peeked a look at your web.xml, I see that its handled by a filter. I'll look at the src for the filter and see if I can understand whats going on (or what should be going on better).

    At first I thought maybe its a permission problem but I looked at the files and the owner:group seems to be correct (as far as the user running tomcat is zimbra...)

    In anycase, now that I'm on FC4 (instead of Debian), the cvs src install maybe easier...

    I'll give that one a try...

    Quote Originally Posted by KevinH
    Is this a normal binary install? Or did you build your own from CVS?


    This isn't a file that should ever be requested unless you are in a dev-type install and ask for gzipped content. This is not used and not supported. Since if we are in dev mode we don't want the content compressed since it just slows down the debugger.

    My guess is you've got some custom install. Make sure your running "ant prod-deploy" when building the webapps.
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