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  • ActiveSync(TM)

    19 57.58%
  • Sync via Bluetooth

    11 33.33%
  • A File System Browser

    10 30.30%
  • Nothing. It's fine.

    2 6.06%
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Thread: iPhone Features???

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    Default iPhone Features???

    We're an e-mail company that is eager to get into the iPhone.
    I have one, and it's great.

    I was kind bummed that they didn't offer activesync support. . then I was more bummed that Bluetooth wasn't as "flexible" as I had hoped.

    What do you think?

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    Default I too love my iPhone

    Most useful gadget I have ever purchased. I use the maps non-stop, and it's nice to have wikipedia in my pocket...

    Here were my main disappointments:

    1) Can't update ********* (I'm sure that apple will sell new ********* on iTunes, but boy is that lame)

    2) No terminal - You know, if it had a terminal and an SSH client, i could work from my phone... And I could have had my company pay for the thing...

    3) You have to buy an adapter to use any other headphones - now this is just lame. Why you do this to me Apple? WHY????

    4) ActiveSync - I don't plan to support blackberrys, so it would be nice to offer a kickass alternative to my users

    5) Can't use it as a wireless broadband connection when it is plugged into your mac. Many other phones can do it, I would expect that they would have thought of that...

    6) Internal app development - not AJAX websites that you have to use the web for, something local! If I'm on a plane, I can't use the web, and if I'm in the middle of nowhere, the web is unreachable...

    7) GPS - yeah I know they never claimed that it would, but it SHOULD. When I'm lost and ready to use a mapping feature, usually I have no idea where I AM, I know where I'm GOING!

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