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    Default Collab Docs Password Protectio

    Hi all,

    While in the process of testing Zimbra, and we will eventually move to Zimbra (by this month! Yehey!) i find the collab doc tool very useful and productive. Although it is understandable to be quite limited in features atm, since it is still in beta stage (as it says in the Document Tab).

    One thing I would like to know, or probably a wish in the future release, is can the document be password protected?

    Yeah for one things, nobody can use/read the collab docs unless one know the user password that is allowed to view/edit the docs. But there are time, account password got screwedup and other user would know the password of other users. But if the shared docs is password protected, even if somone gets into your account, the docs will be safe.

    I'm not sure if this is already included in the future roadmap or i just ,missed it.

    I must say that the Doc Collab Tool of ZImbra rocks!

    Thanks in advance for the feedback...

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    Randall -

    The doc tab is still in beta, but you can contribute to its feature set with your suggestions by voting on or creating a new entry in bugzilla

    Once you create an entry, be sure to vote on it.

    That being said, don't forget about the Share properties of notebooks that allows you to share specific note books with users.

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