Problems with 5.0.6 on OS X Server 10.5.3 (Leopard)

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Problems with 5.0.6 on OS X Server 10.5.3 (Leopard)

Postby tkld » Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:11 pm

There seems to be some flakiness with the 5.0.6 Beta for Leopard.
This is a freshly installed OS X 10.5.3 Server box, running DNS, Open Directory, AFP and SMB. It's a trial license as a demo for a client.
After the install there seemed to still be some conflicting Apple services around (postfix, freshclam, etc.). launchctl unload -w sorted that.

I have set up Zimbra's ldap on a different port, and configured Zimbra to authenticate with an external ldap service (Open Directory). I'm not sure what to do about the GAL (and how to best configure Apple AddressBook and Directory apps which are automatically using Open Directory). There will be several hundred external addresses to be added.
After a reboot, at first it appears the Zimbra processes do not restart. After a few minutes all are running, apart from antispam and antivirus (which both report that zmamavisdctl is not running). An lsof shows that several amavis/perl processes *are* running on port 10024.
If I do zmcontrol stop followed immediately by zmcontrol start, then zmcontrol status reports all is fine.
All is still not fine, however, as most of the time (I cannot spot a pattern yet), there is no response at all from port 25. lsof shows that Zimbra's postfix master is running on that port. A dtruss shows it is running, but connecting to the port using telnet there is no banner, no response to commands and eventually the connection times out.
I'm not sure where to look now. Not responding to port 25 obviously makes this useless as nobody can send or receive email.

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Problems with 5.0.6 on OS X Server 10.5.3 (Leopard)

Postby urbanX » Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:10 pm

have you considered a firewall issue?
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Problems with 5.0.6 on OS X Server 10.5.3 (Leopard)

Postby tkld » Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:47 pm

Not a firewall issue.
The Zimbra processes just wouldn't start reliably after a reboot.
Restarting by hand fixed things for a while, then it would all grind to a halt. Just too flakey.
As the client needs a mail and calendar system that works today, I'm afraid this Beta has been removed and I've installed Kerio instead.
We may revisit Zimbra again next year as there are other changes on the distant horizon that may make Zimbra's Zimlets and integration with other services more compelling.

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