How to: install zimbra on multiple site with single domain

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How to: install zimbra on multiple site with single domain

Postby didik.swn » Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:43 pm

Hi everyone,

I need a solution for the implementation zimbra in my company. Because my company has several branch offices, it would be better if in each branch office have their own server. By doing so, it will reduce work load in the central server. So the zimbra mail server will be built using a single domain name such as "@" but has several servers in multiple locations.
Is it possible? If yes, which zimbra products should I use?

Thank you

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How to: install zimbra on multiple site with single domain

Postby cayaraa » Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:06 pm

How many users are at the branch offices and about how many total? Some of this would probably also depend on the speed of their links. I have no experience in branch office so I'm guessing others could give more ideas.

We do run more then one zimbra server with a single domain setup with a split domain type setup:

We have a central ldap that has all of our users and a we use a mail router which uses that ldap to figure out which zimbra server your account is on. We also use that central ldap server as the global address book source so both zimbra servers have access to everyone's address. This is partly because we already had that infrastructure in place before we went to zimbra.

If you had *lots* of users at each branch and you had a very reliable and fast network connection I could envision making a stretched zimbra cluster across all the branch the central office have a master ldap, mta/proxy, and 1 or more mailbox servers. Then at each breach you could have an ldap replica, mta/proxy, and one more mailbox servers. You could then setup different COS for each branch that would be limited to just the mailbox server(s) at that branch. You might have to do something fancy with dns at each branch so that when they tried to go to the proxy login page they hit the local proxy at their branch. You would also need to make sure you enabled SSL for all zimbra <-> zimbra traffic...or maybe run it over a vpn tunnel.

My guess is you would probably be better off just making a larger cluster at the central IT though to handle all the accounts.
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How to: install zimbra on multiple site with single domain

Postby jorgedlcruz » Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:19 am

Hi didik.swn,

One solution is like cayaraa said is a Cluster in your Central IT, and then you can use Zimbra Desktop for the rest of accounts, with this, the clientes will sync only the changes and the Bandwitdh will be really low, and they can work even if the Internet connection is gone, I mean read the downloaded email, still sending email (will be in the outbox folder until the connection returns, and then will send the emails).

Put a MTA/Proxy/LDAP/Mailbox per ROBO is also good idea, but more complex.

Let us know.
Jorge de la Cruz
Systems Engineer at Veeam Software

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