Cannot disable PDF blocking in Zimbra7

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Cannot disable PDF blocking in Zimbra7

Postby 6233maxxer » Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:05 am


I used to have an external spam check so I disabled AS and AV in my 7.2.7 install. Now I enabled in order to block js attachments, but even if the blocked extension list doesn't contain PDF zimbra DOES block these files with BANNED CONTENTS ALERT. I also checked and the Block encrypted archives option is disabled. I restarted the whole Zimbra twice, but the block still persists.

What could it be?


Example of blocked notification:

No viruses were found.

Banned name: .pdf,Documento_giustificativo.pdf
Content type: Banned
Internal reference code for the message is 02474-01/TcWYEfULs1j3

zimbra@webmail:~/conf$ zmprov gcf zimbraVirusBlockEncryptedArchive
zimbraVirusBlockEncryptedArchive: FALSE
zimbra@webmail:~/conf$ zmprov gs $(zmhostname) zimbraVirusBlockEncryptedArchive
# name

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