Restore from Backup - Everything is Blue

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Restore from Backup - Everything is Blue

Postby verticon » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:44 pm

I am a user of the ZeXtras product and recently had to do a restore on a server due to a corrupted OS raid. When I completed the restore, I now have a blue background on everything including the admin portal and emails. No matter what theme I choose, there is a blue background colour. Anybody have any ideas? It doesn't matter if the https connection is using 443 or 8443. There are no performance issues and working as expected, just everything is shades of blue.

I have tried to change the default colours and also copied the themes from another working server but blue remains. I posted this to the ZeXtras support page, however nobody seems to be able to help me. Running the latest 8.7.11 version. Does anyone have any suggestions on configuration files that I can check? I have attached pictures using the login screen, Harmony theme and Carbon theme.

Appreciate the support.

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