unary operator expected

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unary operator expected

Postby fbzimblet » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:45 pm

ZCS 8.7.11 CentOS 6.6

When I re-run ./install
Below error appears.

Code: Select all

./util/utilfunc.sh: line 790: [: -lt: unary operator expected
./util/utilfunc.sh: line 790: [: too many arguments
Validating ldap configuration
Value "--vminor" invalid for option vmajor (number expected)
Value "--umajor" invalid for option vmicro (number expected)
Error: Unable to create a successful TLS connection to the ldap masters.
       Fix cert configuration prior to upgrading.

All services are stopped and bringing up would result in -bash: zmcontrol: command not found

How would I be able to reinstall/upgrade?

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