Can't edit or change initial HSM policy

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Can't edit or change initial HSM policy

Postby sibr » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:32 am

Upgraded a server from 8.7.11 NE to 8.8.6 NE with the NG modules. Roughly 80 active mailboxes, Ubuntu 16. Has largely been working well since upgrade.

However, I wanted to set a policy that had a retention on the primary storage that was greater than 30 days, which is what the default (initial) policy has.

But there seems no way to remove or change the default policy. Trying to delete it fails to do anything, even if another is in present. Editing it just creates another one.

How can I get a different policy in place? Is the current HSM version documented in any detail? I did find some info, but it was either incomplete and/or seems suspiciously out of date based on the screen shots.


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