Migating domain

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Migating domain

Postby Ger » Thu Oct 16, 2008 8:24 am

Hello people.

Last week I decided to migrate one domain, to another zimbra server because I need to give a client of the company where I work, the managment of the accounts from his domain, I´ve notice that I could do it with network edition of zimbra, but my cheff doesen´t want to buy the licence, and I would have to migrate the whole server to the newone with network edition too. that´s not what I wanted.

so, I have two posibilites to do it, the first and easy one, would be to migrate the accounts from the domain, passwords, mailboxes and all the caracteristics of each account to the new server, but I really don´t know how can I do it, the second posibility, is to clone one server to the other, and change the pubiic IP on the dns server for that domain. but I´m having problems with ldap, first of all, I want to duplicate the ldap database from old server to new server. but when I run zmcontrol start, it starts all services OK and when starts ldap I recive the message "Unable to determine enabled services from ldap, Enabled services read from cache. Service list may be inaccurate" and I cannot access to webmin. I thought it has something to do with /etc/hosts or resolving mx records, but I could bring up a zimbra server without A and MX record, and a functionaling /etc/hosts. so that isn´t the problem.
Can you give me please some help about it?

thank you for reading this large question, and sorry for my bad english!

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