migrating certificates

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migrating certificates

Postby Ger » Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:59 pm

Hello people.

I was migrating one zimbra to an other. I had to change the hostname and default domain of the new server, It has worked OK, but I´m having problems with the certificates. my old hostname was mail.tecoarproyects.com and the newone is mail.ferrum.com, I have brought up a new mailserver with the new domain on a VM, so I could migrate that CA to the server. but I´m having problems with java.net.SockException for example, when I want to run zmprov, or when I start the services, tells me Unable to determine enabled services from ldap.

Unable to determine enabled services. etc.

Can you give a peace of advices about this problem.

I have to solve this problem as soon as posible!

thank you for your attention.

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