Date for e-mail

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Date for e-mail

Postby cjm51213 » Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:44 am

HI Folks,
I'm moving... I selected a victim account and I moved my "sent mail" with Evolution, on a Fedora 17 notebook. I established both the old and the new accounts as IMAP and I told Evolution to move old/sent mail to new/sent mail and everything work exactly as you's expect and I was quite happy. Then I went to Google Chrome to admire my work and I discovered that, although the Evolution interface preserved the original send times, the Google Chrome interface, displays the time not as send time, but as move time!
So, there are two approaches... One is to change the browser interface to select the correct date, and the other is to modify whatever date the browser interface is using and update it to the sent date. I suspect the both of these problem are similar and depend on being able to parse the message and tease out the sent date.
My question is: Where is the date field that the browser is displaying as the sent date? MySQL database? XML? LDAP?
Thanks for the help,

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