PST import failing with ZCS Migration Wizard

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PST import failing with ZCS Migration Wizard

Postby milauria » Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:00 am

I have been trying endless attempts to import from PST into my Zimbra using the ZCS Migration Wizard for Exchange/PST ... worked only for the user to user migration, never worked for the PST to user migration!

Using option 2 - Once the process starts it immediately shows the error "Unable to initialize info. Failed to create temporary PST profile or verify source mailbox exist".
I have run the whole thing as Windows administrator but no joy ...

I also tried Option 3 to import into Zimbra Desktop archives, but again nothing, this time it says "Please Install Zimbra Desktop before executing the program" ... needless to say that Zimbra Desktop ins stalled and working fine

I ended up using the less fancy Legacy PST import Wizard ... et voila' all worked fine first shot !!

I wonder why we have more modern tools that seems to be buggy ? Or am I particularly unlucky ? If it's not only me any ways to fix the ZCS Migration Wizard ?

Greetings to all

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