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Importing mail from Apple Mail client

Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 2:06 pm
by Daveuk
I have done a clean-install of Ubuntu 18.04 and Zimbra 8.8.15. Everything working as expected. I now need to transfer backed-up mail messages from an Apple machine (running Catalina) to the ZCS environment so that they are accessible to mobile devices (i.e. through Zimbra). So, I set up a couple of user accounts, say and, open those accounts in Apple mail and sync. Now if I transfer the backed-up mail on the Apple into the ZCS accounts, I get the mailbox and some of the mail messages transferred over. The ones that are missing are the ones sent by the client (originally from the Sent box). Its also odd that working with one mailbox in Alice's account, I tried copying it to a temporary mailbox in Bob's account, but still lost messages sent by Alice.

Are there settings somewhere in Zimbra that exclude messages that are sent from If Alice, say, initiated a thread then her original mail is not transferred, but its content might be in the responses. But if Alice sent the last message in the thread, its gone.

I have spent days looking for ways to convert Apple's mbox structure into something Zimbra can understand for a direct import, but the commercial software I found seems only to run on Windows machines.

Can anyone suggest a way to porceed, please?


Re: Importing mail from Apple Mail client

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 9:32 am
by Daveuk
Hi guys,

it turns out that this is a problem with AppleMail export function. It only exports messages from someone else, so the exported mbox folder is incomplete. I shall investigate further.