Benchmarking and speedig up zimbra

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Benchmarking and speedig up zimbra

Postby raj2569 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 2:41 pm

I am testing zimbra and there is a "perception" of slugishness when using it compared to say horde. Now I fully understand this is an apples to oranges comparison, but this is the reality from the pov of users and PHBs who scream the old one was much faster :(
Most of the time the slugishness is due to firefox hitting cpu usage of 90%+ Once firefox hits high cpu usage the entire browser freezes and users cannot even switch to another tab to do some thing else. This is the real reason of the user complaints.
Now my question is what can I as an admin to do to improve the user perception of zimbra speed. Getting every one spanking new PC is out of question of course :)
My other part relates to server side optimisations. I need to get hard performance numbers out of zimbra before I start any optimisations. the ?debug=t is supposed to give me that, but I get a window, but no timing information, just a line saying
NEW RUN - [01:05:55.361]
Turning timing info on
and nothing else. I also tried ?debug=t&mode=mjsf but that does not even give me the login window. So how can I get the timing information from zimbra?
Thanks a lot to all zimbra guys for such a wonderful program!!

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