Imap fails when accessed from multiple android devices

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Imap fails when accessed from multiple android devices

Postby stitheridge » Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:50 pm

I use Zimbra as my personal email server and have been happily using IMAP to connect my Android phone (Nexus 4, running K-9) to ZCS. Recently I added my wife's phone (Nexus S) to sync using IMAP with K9 also. Since then, IMAP ceases to function a few hours after restarting ZCS, with K9 reporting NIO exceptions on both phones. Restarting ZCS allows IMAP to work again but only for a couple of hours. There is nothing useful in mailbox.log, but the "stacktrace.21339.20130112002535" log file seems (to me) to indicate a thread deadlocking issue. The log file is attached.
Any thoughts on how to address, or work around, this issue? I'm going to try disabling push email on K9 to see if this helps.
Installation details:

- Ubuntu 12.04 server

- Release 8.0.0.GA.5434.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition


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