SMIME: LDAP to GAL certificate syncronization.

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SMIME: LDAP to GAL certificate syncronization.

Postby inigoml » Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:13 am

Hi everybody.
At this moment we are implementing SMIME functionality in ZCS 7.2.1. We have already installed the new Zimbra license with SMIME enabled and configured external LDAP to GAL certificate syncronization.

However, process is not running. We have checked search filter, cert attribute (userSMIMECertificate), login and password, etc but certificate syncronization does not happen.

We have checked logs but we are unable to find any related entry about LDAP to GAL syncronization.
Zimbra LDAP userSMIMECertificate atribute is empty at this moment but not extenal LDAP.
We have not found any cron related LDAP to GAL sync task
Any hints?
Thanks in advance.

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