8.0.3: problem in creating IMAPs account

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8.0.3: problem in creating IMAPs account

Postby 6233maxxer » Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:46 am

Hi. I've a brand new 8.0.2 yesterday upgraded to .3, I'm trying to add an external IMAPs account but I get the following toaster message:

[QUOTE]Invalid request: /external_account_name Folder creation conflict[/QUOTE]

and after the error I go to the mail tab I see the folder created.

Apparently the folder is created "normal", while IMAP account have a "special" folder.

I found no errors in mailbox.log.
What really puzzles me if I do the same operation in MY personal installation this doesn't happen! Apparently looks like a setting problem, but I cannot understand which setting can trigger such a behavior!
Anyone had the same issue?


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