Halt outbound traffic

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Halt outbound traffic

Postby cjm51213 » Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:31 pm

Hi Folks,
I think my server is free-lancing and I want to stop it. The reports show far more outbound messages than I can possibly explain. My next step is to identify some of this traffic. Is there a way to temporarily stop all outbound traffic without stopping inbound traffic? My strategy is to investigate this queue of pending deliveries to see what is there.
For example, I have a possibility that might accomplish my goal, if there is no existing administrative feature to accomplish this. Suppose I specified a non-existent SMTP Smart Host. Would this have the effect of blocking (and queueing) all outbound mail without effecting inbound or would the outbound mail bounce back? Where would I look to see the queue of pending outbound mail? Then is there a way to resume delivery of all the pending and legitimate messages by simply removing the specification of the SMTP Smart Host?
So, you see, unless there is an administrative feature to permit this sort of control over mail delivery, the resilience mechanisms will defeat me.
Thanks for the help.

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