Sender domain restriction

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Sender domain restriction

Postby k_k » Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:43 am

Hi Guys,
We have one non production environment, where we use Zimbra open source edition which act as mail server as well as SMTP relay server to send transcational mails from application.
This zimbra server is not exposed to internet so its just doing local lookup and local mail delivery of local domain.
Our developers team is big and couple of times some freshers have sent test mails from our development environment to customers by using production SMTP gateway by mistake.
So to avoid such situation, we have isolated non prod environment and kept their smtp + mail server within DC network.
In this zimbra server, I have configured one local domain and created bunch of emails IDs for developers so they can do testing localy. additionaly I am making this server as SMTP gateway as well where I have white listed application servers IPs of all non prod environment.
As our developers team is sitting across multiple cities, inspite sending serveral reminders they keep sending mails from any random FROM email ID to any receipient email ID. And as this is local server and not exposed to internet, mails are getting in derferred queue in lakhs every day.
Now I want to put restriction as below in this environment :
1. Email Ids which I have cretaed for developers on this mail server should send mails to only the same domain not any othjer domain .......> This is done by postfix restrcition configuration mentioned in zimbra wiki

2. This mail server is SMTP relay as well for application server need to restrict SENDER email domain for this mail server...Means only locally created domain should able to send mails by using this gateway ....Not any other domain..

I am not getting clue for second will be great if someone give some clue on this second requirement..



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