Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Postby micronaet » Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:31 am


after update to 6.01 I add a new account in my Preferences / Accounts, I set up the parameter: "download messages in" checking "inbox" radio button, I had yet 3 account that download mail in inbox (I don't use a dedicated folder).

This operation doesn't have problems in 5.18 version (and with account created before) now I have the error in title, anything is changing with new version?

(I don't want use the rule "one account - one folder" because with one click I download all accounts, instead of: click folder - download, change folder - download)

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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Postby Ingers » Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:28 pm

Has anyone had any ideas on this? I'm experiencing it too....
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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Postby micronaet » Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:44 am

I do this configuration for workarround, waiting a tech answer:

- Install fetchmail on my Zimbra server

- Use a txt file (I can send you an example if you don't find it in Zimbra forums) with the pop3 I want to fetch, and the indication of with client where re-route mails

- Add Cron job to launch fetch every 5 minutes.

- Cancel account profile in ZWC and substitute with personality (so I can send mail) <
All this for get mail every 5 minutes in inbox, permit to send mail with that account and fetch all extra account I want to download in inbox every 5 minutes (Automatic Send/receive works for Zimbra account and not extra account in ZWC), I have only a defect: txt files with clear POP3 passwords (but you can set privileges on it).
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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Postby vbilly » Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:15 pm

Did you ever get an answer from tech support on this issue?
This is a big problem for us.
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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Postby micronaet » Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:50 am

No I don't, the same with 6 / 7 other problems. With this issue I workarround with fetchmail but it isn't a solution...
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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Postby Snille » Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:44 pm

Hi micronaet!

I have been searching a bit in the forum for this (and some other things related to this). Do you have any good config files/guides/forum threads that I can follow, and have you tested to pop a hotmail account(s)?
Even if you didn't test it on Hotmail, I'm still interested in some config files and maybe some light instructions... :)

I'm a Zimbra newbe but not Linux newbe.. :)
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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Postby psgandalf » Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:11 pm

I also have the same problem. I opened a Bugzilla ticket.

Bug 42991 – Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox
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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Postby mmorse » Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:25 am

Ok, so that 'folder location conflict on /Inbox' error is probably due to Bug">>Bug 40033 - Disallow multiple data sources against the same folder as discussed in Bug">>Bug 42690 - External POP account cannot download emails to Inbox for more than one account re a duplicate key problem mentioned in Bug">>Bug 39633 - Error message is displayed when 'Get External Mail' button is clicked after changing the account name for the added account.
(BTW before I ramble further, it sounds like most of you here will also be interested in setting something like: zmprov mc COSname zimbraDataSourcePop3PollingInterval 45m.)
Obviously there's a strong desire to have the ability to combine account into one inbox - whether using a mobile device that can only do one location, or just suffering from 'too many accounts overload'. (ie: Stick items in the main /Inbox like you 'could' with pop in ZCS 5.0) ZD 2.0 will actually use a virtual global inbox via a special search that can be turned on or off (the accounts data/datasources aren't really in one folder - technically folders are just metadata groupings in the DB anyways). Bug">>Bug 30869 - Aggregated Inbox
For ZCS, external IMAP/POP accounts are/were more like one-way aggregation (storing into your Zimbra account) rather than a true sync client. (Thus POP behaved pretty much as expected in terms of 'leave on server/remove' while IMAP moves, deletes syncing upwards were another matter.) Seen some other RFE's on this besides Bug">>Bug 30716 - manage external IMAP folder subscriptions but don't remember where, and I must confess I haven't played with them much lately to see if some of this has changed, so I'll have to test everything before filing RFE's. There's also a demand for 'backporting' ZD's easy special account configuration; from mapped folder names to the ability to connect to regular Yahoo accounts via IMAP rather than just the POP provided in Y! plus accounts. Repeat for other special mail/calendar/contacts cases like Exchange/Gmail/AOL/MobileMe/Hotmail. Bug">>Bug 33886 - IMAP/POP account aggregation setup should be simpler doesn't quite encompass all of what's needed for this to happen it's more about using Bug">>Bug 18870 - Prepopulate some pop/imap accounts combined with all the new stuff we've developed since, but I've mentioned it there/dependency linked it for now.
We did implement a 'reload all rss feeds' so we could do the same to solve micronaet's desire not to have to click 'get mail' on each POP account. Someone check latest/bugzilla/file a new enhancement request.
If your not a fan of setting up fetchmail on everyone, we actually have polling built-in, to enable on one datasource:

[quote]zmprov gds

zmprov mds [external IMAP/POP account data source name] zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval 45m[/quote]Previously zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval could be set on account/COS and contrary to Bug">>Bug 33151 - data polling interval inheritance issue actually did inherit, but just didn't show it in zmprov provisioning output.
As of 6.0.0 per Bug">>Bug 34104 - Cleanup data source polling interval attributes we switched to separate attributes zimbraDataSource[Protocol]PollingInterval (where 'protocol' equals imap/pop3/rss/live/caldav/yab) on account/COS and zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval on the datasource only:
[quote]Deprecated zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval on account/cos since 6.0.0. Values of zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval on account/cos are migrated to protocol specific zimbraDataSource{proto}PollingInterval.


1. If zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval is set on data source, use it.

2. Otherwise use the zimbraDataSource{Proto}PollingInterval on account/cos

3. If zimbraDataSource{Proto}PollingInterval is not set on account/cos, use 0, which means no automated polling.[/quote]So to avoid having to tediously set it on each datasource, you want something like:

[quote]zmprov mc COSname zimbraDataSourcePop3PollingInterval 45m[/quote]Or the more specific per user:

[quote]zmprov ma zimbraDataSourcePop3PollingInterval 45m[/quote]While we now do it automatically for calendars Bug">>Bug 12390 - automatically reload remote calendars & rss Bug">>Bug 6491 - Allow automatic / scheduled reloading of feeds we didn't expose end users settings for mail polling because of performance Bug">>Bug 22114 -Expose external account polling interval in UI however you can vote for Bug">>Bug 21199 - add ability to set autopolling in admin console
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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Postby MACscr » Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:32 pm

So is the conclusion that we cant import pop3 emails from an external account into the main inbox? if not, why the hell is it a listed option?
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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Postby phoenix » Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:36 am

[quote user="MACscr"]So is the conclusion that we cant import pop3 emails from an external account into the main inbox?[/QUOTE]No, if you read the thread and bug reports that's not the conclusion here. You can certainly import a POP3 account into the Inbox of a user, what you can't do is import multiple external POP3 accounts into the Inbox as per bug 40033
[quote user="MACscr"]if not, why the hell is it a listed option?[/QUOTE]It's there because it's a feature that works as designed.
If you're having a problem importing a single external POP3 account into the Inbox then you should start a new thread (or file a support case or bug report) on the subject and give full details to reproduce the problem.


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