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Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:56 am
by MACscr
I will start another post as I am only trying to do it with a single pop3 account, but i see zero reason even after looking at that bug report to have such a limitation. Someone just seems to request the limitation and you guys remove the multiple source inbox feature. If outlook has zero problems with sharing the inbox with multiple sources, why does zimbra want to cry about it?

Invalid request: Folder location conflict: /Inbox

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:20 am
by MaSch
I almost thought about removing the checks from the source and compiling by hand but,

fortunately I have found a way around this :
:eek: Use this information at your own risk, I can only say it worked for me so far, in my small 5 user home installation ...

  • set the data destination for an external account manually :

zmprov mds yourZimbraEmail@YourServer.Suffix zimbraDataSourceName zimbraDataSourceFolderId '2'

This assumes that your Inbox Folder ID is 2 (which it is in all my accounts, but I cannot tell for certain if that is always the case ...)
You can get the zimbraDataSourceName with :

zmprov gds yourZimbraEmail@YourServer.Suffix

You can also use this to check if it's set correctly now.
This works very well for me (Zimbra OSS 6.0.8) , all messages from 4 different accounts are dropped to Inbox.

Beware - if you change something in the WebInterface in this particular external account - you probably have to repeat above instructions ...