Attaching a link to a shared drive file

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Attaching a link to a shared drive file

Postby 1415bhwong » Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:50 pm

10330phoenix wrote:The point was to determine if you'd read the confirmation in the bug report that the bug had been fixed in ZCS 8.x and didn't actually apply to any other version - obviously you could have answered your questions by doing that. I guess I'm wasting my time so don't worry I'll not bother you again.

So can you point out to me where in the bug report that did answer my other questions???
1. Does the bug fix found in version 8 enable any custom protocol or if some protocols will not work? ftp, file, mailto, appname etc...
2. Any workaround without upgrading to version 8. FYI, mailto protocol has an workaround without upgrade etc.

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Re: Attaching a link to a shared drive file

Postby reheh » Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:35 pm

Did you ever get any resolution on this?

7224jobe wrote:Any news about this issue?

As far as I can see the situation updated to version 7.1.4 is:

IIt's not possible to link an UNC path (i.e. \Shared1_svrShared1WGroupsNetworkOrders.xls) using 'Insert link' in HTML editor because it doesn't recognize it as a valid link (in the sent email the link created is not clickable)

Using the file:// prefix in 'Insert link' creates a wrong http://link:

file://Shared_srv/folder/file.txt becomes http://file//Shared_srv/folder/file.txt

Simply copy/pasting the path in the composing window creates a working clickable link (via the com_zimbra_url zimlet I think) if the path doesn't contain blank spaces in it.

If the path contains blank spaces (e.g. //Shared_srv/folder/my file.txt) the link is correctly created if the email is composed in plain text; if it's composed in HTML using Internet Explorer, the link breaks at the first space and it doesn't work.

I have searched for some bugs about this situation, the number 33333 was closed, but in the comments the problem doesn't appear as completely solved (I haven't found the new bug suggested in comment #11 #12); bug number 56844 seems related to this situation, but access is denied (for me).

Are there any news about path linking, especially in HTML editor?

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