designing shared folder structure

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designing shared folder structure

Postby bdial » Mon Oct 22, 2007 1:15 pm

We are planning to migrate to zimbra network edition upon the 5.0 release from our existing cyrus imap solution. our main holdup was the shared folder situation which is used extensively here. i've been toying with rc1 and seeing how it compares to what we have now. we're an engineering firm and have MANY projects open at one point spanning many years. to make it easy to navigate we have it currently setup in this shared foldeer structure in imap






Users have only read access to the Project and year directories needed to be able to see/subscribe to them. This makes it so only admins can create the project folders so we make sure it follows the correct naming conventions and what not. It's also to minimize the amount of damage one person can do with an errant keystroke (deleting the entire Projects area!) Then at the projectname level users have full read/write access.
Is there any way to have different rights like this within zimbra? I created a user for our company, created a Projects folder, then a 2006 below that. For testing purposes I tried sharing the Projects folder as a vivew only, then the 2006 folder with manager rights. However, when a user accepts the share, ti puts the 2 folders on the same level
Instead of

it's just

I wouldn't hesitate to flatten the structure and create each project as a separate share, but there seems to be no way in zimbra for a user to manage which folder shares they want to accept or not. So they would have a couple of hundred folders down the left side of their screen.
Is there already a feature request to add the kind of subscription management that people are used to with imap? Like when I add a user now, they're automaticly subscribed to Projects and all the years. But then they go in and choose which projects below that they wish to have shown.
Sorry for the long post just wanted to make sure i'm getting this all right.

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