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Difference in Admin and Manager

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:39 am
by glassman
Can anyone tell me where I can find information on what the difference is between giving a user Manager rights and Admin right when sharing a calendar? Also, what does a faded calendar entry mean?

Difference in Admin and Manager

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:44 am
by mmorse
Administer = able to control permissions/sharing with others.
This was already possible, just added to the sharing dialog in 5.0.7+: Bug">>Bug 26363 - User with Manager rights to a calendar should be able to grant Manager rights (Ignore the bad title - we ended up calling a new role 'admin' - if we did it as part of the 'manager' role that would change current behavior of shares and some might not want that.)
None - None

Viewer - View(r)

Manager - View(r), Edit(w), Add(i), Remove(d), Accept(x), Decline(x)

Admin - View(r), Edit(w), Add(i), Remove(d), Accept(x), Decline(x), Administer(a)
(r)ead - search, view overviews and items

(w)rite - edit drafts/contacts/notes, set flags

(i)nsert - copy/add to directory, create subfolders

action (x) - workflow actions, like accepting appointments

(d)elete - delete items and subfolders, set Deleted flag

(a)dminister - delegate admin and change permissions
For instance you could make yourself a custom 'author' or 'editor' role if using SOAP/CLI/Java to add permissions - something like:

Editor - View(r), Edit(w), Accept(x), Decline(x)

Author - View(r), Edit(w), Add(i), Accept(x), Decline(x)
zmmailbox -z -m modifyFolderGrant /Folder account rwx
The createMountpoint command is commonly used after this:

zmmailbox z -m createMountpoint --view appointment "/Vacation Calendar" /VacationDates
You can do any of the following [account |group |domain |all |public| guest ] followed by the permissions like r, rw, rwix, rwixd, rwixda, none, etc.
Bug">>Bug 15205 - share roles - custom (editor / author) levels

Bug">>Bug 12654 - Request Editor share level between Viewer and Manager