ZCO license error

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ZCO license error

Postby jerryboi » Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:41 pm

I have a network trial installed. I am 6 days into the trial and while migrating and setting up clients, the Outlook connectors started complaining about the license. I ignored it but 6 hours later it just stopped working alltogether.

Since then I installed the license activator zimlet and successfully activated the license to the effect that now it says:

$ zmlicense -check

license is OK

May I expect the connectors to start working again? I have no way of testing it from afar but if I have to open a support ticket for this then I need to know that asap.
Did anyone have this symptom (outlook connector refusing to sync because of licensing error) cured by activating the trial license? It would be really good to get a confirmation urgently. Thanks!

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