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About Daily report question

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:00 am
by Salva_savia


I have two questions about Daily Report.

My boss ask me to sent him a list of emails sent and received in February.

So, I take all Daily Report of February and in excel copy paste each day "top 50 Recipients by message count" and "top 50 Send by message count" to take this data.

But, "top 50 Recipients by message count" its real ??, I have one user (mmerlo) with 930 messages received, I take zimbra.log from yestarday and parse it and get 350 messages in "to=mmerlo", I can not find an explanation

This happens with other users... I can not trust of this report....

Two questions

1.- Whats exactly sum Daily report in Send message count and Recipient message count ??

2.- There is some way to extract this info from somewhere, mail sent and received in February for evybody.