Email alias problem authenticating with active directory

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Email alias problem authenticating with active directory

Postby sestores » Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:35 am

Hi everyone,

We just migrated from exchange to zimbra over the weekend. So far things are going pretty good.
We are using the zimbra desktop application also, because our version of outlook is OLD.

We have one small issue.
Most of our users are setup the same way, except our accounting person.
We authenticate against active directory, and for the most part this is working fine.
Our users are setup with the email address and user ID: user
HOWEVER, our accounting person was previously setup as user ID: user   and her email address is
She also had as an alias.

This worked without issue in exchange, but I cant figure out how to make this work in zimbra.

when I imported her account, it set it up with her username as the first part of her email address.
I tried going to her account details and changing the login info, but she couldn't authenticate after that.

Currently, she is setup backwards from how she was before (just to get her going for now)
she has the accountspayable address as an alias. She can get email from both addresses now, but we cant seem to send from the accountspayable address (much less make that the default reply address)

What am I missing here?
Is there not a way to send "from" an alias address?
Also, can you use a different email address from your username and still sync to active directory?

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Email alias problem authenticating with active directory

Postby cayaraa » Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:31 pm

hmm. In theory if you have an alias for an account you should be able to authenticate using that alias (if its an alias defined in zimbra). This works for use using ldap as the backend auth source anyway.

As far as setting your from address thats done via the user's preferences -> accounts -> add persona. If thats enabled for the account they should be able to set their from address to anything they want.

If you want to limit or preset that you can configure this in the via the web admin console under that user's preferences sending mail "Allow sending email from any address" or from the CLI this can be done with:
$ zmprov ga |grep zimbraAllow
zimbraAllowAnyFromAddress: FALSE


Edited to clarify where personas are 

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