Convert existing server to a mailbox slave

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Convert existing server to a mailbox slave

Postby 6233maxxer » Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:33 am


I've inherited a situation where two separate zimbra installations has been made for the same domain, and I'd like to join them in a single zimbra (OSE) install.

Currently I have ALL mailboxes configured on ServerA (remote), and fetch some accounts on ServerB (local) from ServerA. 

I'd like to merge the two in a consolidated install, BUT keeping the remote and local mailbox servers. The resulting situation would be: 

  • ServerA (remote): MTA, Mailbox (for some accounts), LDAP slave

  • ServerB (local): Mailbox (for some accounts), LDAP master, MTA [maybe, but not sure]

Can I somehow convert an existing installation to this, without losing mailboxes or data? Or is it better to reinstall one of the two? thanks

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