What's the Best Solution for Granular/Real Time Backups?

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What's the Best Solution for Granular/Real Time Backups?

Postby FredKarno » Tue Dec 15, 2015 3:38 am

Hi everyone,

I've got Zimbra  network edition, Patch 8.6.0_P4. running nicely on CentOS in a VM. Zimbra backup is running happily but I haven't got in depth with testing yet. So far it looks fine for backing up the whole server or individual accounts but doesn't offer granular backups down to the individual item level - ie single emails or contacts. Am I right?

If so, does anyone have any recommendations? I've found ZExtras which looks to do the sort of thing I'm after but are there any other options? Does anyone have experience with ZxBackup and Network edition?

I'm wondering at the moment if I really need to go to a third party or whether a combination of archiving and native backup can do the job.

I'm looking to protect 76 mailboxes (licensed for 100) on disk. The VM as a whole is protected by VEEAM, but in moving from Exchange to Zimbra I've obviously lost the ability to use the VEEAM plugin that provides Exchange backup.
All advice welcome!


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