8.6 Upgrade broke CardDav - repair?

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8.6 Upgrade broke CardDav - repair?

Postby mfehr » Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:55 pm

I migrated from 8.0.9 on Ubuntu 10.04 to 8.6 P6 on a fresh setup Ubuntu 14.4. Before doing the final migration, I did a test migration which worked fine (I still have this test server available). After the final migration, too late, I realized that there are now issues with CardDAV: The result is that I cannot sync my contacts anymore from either iOS or OS X. Using the same client, I can sync my contacts with the test server as well as with the old 8.0.9 server. So the problem occurred on the server side during the migration.

I can not sync with the server (OS X Address book says "CoreDAVErrorDomain error 3"). Log files on the zimbra server show that a login takes place but I cannot understand what fails and finally causing the client app to report an error. Login through the browser interface works fine and Contacts show up.

Is there a way to check consistency for my contacts/accounts/configuration on the zimbra server or a repair of contacts/accounts/configuration? As the test installation works fine, it has to do with the configuration or the data itself.

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Re: 8.6 Upgrade broke CardDav - repair?

Postby Gren Elliot » Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:42 am

Is there any more information on the OS X machine? For instance in /var/log/system.log? Which version of OS X are you using?

If you switch dav tracing on for your user (example here assumes test.user@example.com) using:

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    zmprov aal test.user@example.com zimbra.dav trace

you will hopefully get more detail in mailbox.log on the server on what the last successful CardDAV request / response was

I assume you've tried deleting and re-adding the CardDAV account on your Mac/iOS devices.

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