Zimbra 8.0.5 with error in the LDAP error Message = "no such object ')

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Zimbra 8.0.5 with error in the LDAP error Message = "no such object ')

Postby marciogentil » Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:03 pm

Good Morning. I have a Zimbra Open Source server (8.0.5_GA_5839.FOSS version that is in trouble in LDAP, but for only two accounts. I can not register these two accounts. Doing a search in LDAP with the ldapsearch command, the accounts do not exist, but there are in mysql. Following a Zimbra procedure, removed the mysql accounts, but still can not register these two accounts. I can register and remove other accounts successfully. the problem is only in two accounts. Analyzing Mailbox.log file, it shows the following messages:

com.zimbra.cs.ldap.LdapException$LdapEntryNotFoundException: entry not found - unable to create entry: no such object

Caused by: LDAPException(resultCode=32 (no such object), errorMessage='no such object')
at com.unboundid.ldap.sdk.LDAPConnection.add(LDAPConnection.java:1648)
at com.unboundid.ldap.sdk.LDAPConnection.add(LDAPConnection.java:1594)
at com.zimbra.cs.ldap.unboundid.UBIDLdapOperation$CreateEntry.execute(UBIDLdapOperation.java:208)
at com.zimbra.cs.ldap.unboundid.UBIDLdapContext.createEntry(UBIDLdapContext.java:252)

Excuse me for repetition, but this message only happens when I try to register two accounts existed. But cosnigo usually registering new accounts.
Thank you

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